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Help for Male Erectile Dysfunction

Hi, I am Ms Anna Lee massage therapist (certified in shiatsu, karsai neitsang, cranio-sacral, lymphatic drainage).

Lingam Massage/ Prostate Massage/ Manhood impotence remedial

My Treatment helps you to prolong your stamina with your partner.  Females who feel their partners are weak in this area may call and bring their partners to be  treated.  They are welcome to sit in and watch.
 Ejaculation is generally not the main be all and end all but  having more sensory and tactile feelings allowing you to feel younger and more alive.  Some guys sometimes just want to prolong sexual ecstasy and want to withhold orgasm as they believe randomly ejaculating may increase feebleness.  But When Orgasm does occur it is powerful and meaningful.

How does an erection occur?

An erection is caused by sexual stimulation which can either be physical or mental. When this occurs electrical impulses cause the muscles of the corpora cavernosa to relax which allows blood to flow into the penis. The blood then becomes trapped under pressure and this makes the penis expand to cause an erection. Once the muscles contract the erection will be reversed.

Are there any physical causes for Erectile Dysfunction?

There are a number of physical causes that can lead to erectile dysfunction. These include diabetes, smoking, obesity and side effects from other drugs. Elderly men may also suffer from deteriorating arteries. There are also a number of less common causes which include problems associated with the nervous system, spinal cord and hormone levels.


Want lasting performance?


Treatments Available

 You can resort to taking all sorts of medications like viagra, tongkat ali

some massage treatments can and do help in alleviating symptoms of impotence in male. 

My Therapy

 I  practice shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, cranio sacralkarsai therapy and chi neitsang (internal organ massage). 

I will be doing testicle massage and tapping and pulling areas around the testeticular region which incidentally can also heal emotional traumas.  Penile muscle will become stronger and in older men you can see veins start appearing on the penis indicating virility and vitality.

In a session with me I start on your back relaxing your neck and shoulder  muscles.  I need to work on the spinal vertebrae and to get the juice moving.   I am an intuitive and may get to sense your health condition and may act as a health coach.  Many times I have made diagnosis and my clients went to check with their doctor and came back and say "My doctor confirmed everything you said".

I concentrate on your bladder meridien (which is incidentally the longest meridien in the body) to move and jumpstart it.  If you have urinary problems my feed back from clients has been you can see improvement in your " plumbing system"  on the first treatment. This treatment on the physical side will help release and rejuvenate hormones which in turn will help your concentration be  more laser like and can also help to improve quantity and quality of sperm level.  On energetic level reiki can help balance and get rid of psychic disturbances.

The heart organ is like a pump and nowadays our food contains far too much fats and additives (especially sodium nitrates - (red) mostly found in preserved food like sausages, bacon, bakwah).  This leads to unhealthy arteries and lymphatics clogging up. The genital is like a fountain so if the pump is not working so hot the fountain will not be functioning.  I aim to detox by clearing lymph system - mostly around stomach area and the inguina nodes at the upper thighs where there is a large storage of hard fats.  Incidentally because I concentrate on detox this will also help normalize an enlarge prostate. And for   impotence it  works by enhancing the blood flow into the penis . In my experience an unhealthy erection is generally caused by an unhealthy heart.  

A healthy heart will give you - more vitality - feeling less tired

                                                                 - a longer life span

                                                                 - a stronger erection

Those who have high cholesterol , diabetes, urinary problem  may see immediate reduction in cholesterol and in their blood sugar and improvement of urinary flow after one session.  Those who suffered from strokes can also benefit.  For stroke patients - they can expect to see gradual improvement in memory, mental and motor co-ordination in one - two sessions.  More sessions may be needed for them to regain past mobility.  For these people I concentrate on the brain and heart sectors.   Hypertension takes a few session and to increase sperm count can see at least about 30% increase after two or three sessions. Also good for those with high cholesterol or got diabetes.  I have worked on diabetic clients who feedback that their blood sugar became normal after 2-3 sessions.  How do I do this?  By using chi neitsang (chinese internal organ massage) on the pancreas and liver for better detox and blood flow.

To encourage manhood and prostate health I do Karsai Neitsang (blockage removal manhood).  Working on the capillaries around the genital.  For penile enlargement you can see result on the spot as I work on you.  Your wife or partner will notice the difference.  For stamina improvement you can see result 3-5 days after the therapy and after the toxins have been expelled from the system.

Those with psychological e.d. may take three or four sessions to see beginning of results. Can also help those with clinical fatigue. Can see penile increment on the spot maybe 10%  if the difference is too subtle for you to notice I have clients who reported that their partner/s noticed. Kidneys are also closely related to sexual health.  I have worked on clients who were long term diabetics and in just three- five treatments got their blood sugar normalized i.e. cured. This therapy will also benefit those with low testosterone.  How do you know if your testosterone has improved after therapy? your testicles will become bigger ie more normal in size.  Incidentally, guys who received testosterone therapy tend to have shrunken testicles and  an enlarged prostate.  Guys who received steroid therapy tend to have large and firm testicles, smaller prostate and also tend to be aggressive ie "fightey".  Men and women who received estrogen therapy tend to sound girlish (like a little girl) regardless of their age.

Side Effects

You may (no guarantee) get side effects like flu like symptoms with more phlegm coming out, or more urine lasting from one to four days which is concentrated and if your body has lots of toxins you may experience mild diarrhoea or loose stools for 1 - 3 days. 

I do not prescribe medication or use any in my treatment.  I use oils like olive oil, organic sesame oil and various essential oils like clary sage, rosemary, citrus etc  - whatever is at hand.  I may use moxibustion and alcohol to dispel bad chi.  When you get rid of bad chi healing physically is easier and faster.

There  may be  more elimination eg more phlegm, more urine - concentrated and for those who have a lot of toxins diarrhoe for 2 -3 days.  Another side effect may be bruises because I do chi nei tsang and Karsai nei tsang  or internal organ massage.   Bruises occur only if your body has a lot of toxins or white blood cells.  This will make the blood vessels weak so they break easily.  Bruises will only appear on specific areas eg if over your liver indicates your liver is most toxic. Not everyone get bruises.


The above photo was smsd to me the next day after the treatment.  My client, (a gwailo) wanted me to interpret the meaning of his bruise.  The area the bruise appeared on this client indicates his large intestines especially the elimination part is very toxic.  Because the large intestine is also paired with the lungs it can also indicate weak lungs.  Incidentally this client is currently recovering from bronchitis.




You will feel more energised, lighter, mentally and physically stronger and younger.  If you have urine problems you can see improvement after one session.  This treatment will also help those with enlarged prostate/infected prostate. For sustainbility of results, do adjust your diet accordingly eg  maybe less fats, less oil or less sugar. 

If you suffer from recurring urinary tract infection or a weak bladder

If you suffer from stomach bloatedness, excessive discomfort

  For better results  you should follow some basic rules like limiting your fats and  alcohol intake , giving up smoking habits, relaxing more and reducing stress, getting close or discuss openly with your impotence problem with your partner may also help. 




I am female local chinese and will practice  shiatsu, lymphatic/detox drainage, cranio sacral, clinical hypnotherapy (member of International Hypnosis Asociation) I am also a reiki master (3b).  I have also been trained by an Indonesian master and in Thailand. As your therapist I aim to ensure you reach your optimum in health.  You can call or sms me on     65-84334199        for a session. A session lasts 60-70 minutes - please enquire for rates.

And I work out from a studio at ORCHARD vicinity.  email: yoko_lee666@yahoo.com.sg


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